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Find easy-to-rank keywords with Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty tool

Xổ số onlineMake better, more confident decisions when planning your SEO content. Our keyword suggestion tool uses your site’s Competitive Power to find the best keyword ideas for your website.


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Know your site’s Competitive Power

Xổ số onlineAre you confident you can rank for the keywords you choose? Our guided keyword difficulty tool will help you know what keywords are within your site’s Competitive Power—a metric that benchmarks the level of keyword competition your site can target with more confidence of getting results.

know your competitive power with alexa's keyword difficulty tool

Find the best keywords for your site

Do you know what keywords are easy-to-rank for your site? Use your site’s Competitive Power to know how much competition you can realistically take on and still get results. Improve your chances of success by choosing keywords with a competition score at or below your site’s Competitive Power.

find best keywords with alexa's keyword difficulty tool

Find highly relevant, low competition keyword ideas

Xổ số onlineDo you already have an idea for content you’d like to create? Is there a site in your industry that represents the audience you aspire to attract? Use these as seeds to uncover highly relevant, yet easy-to-rank keyword ideas for your site using our keyword difficulty tool.

discover keywords with alexa's keyword difficulty tool

Save time by focusing on what matters

Have you spent hours sifting through lengthy lists of keywords that are either not relevant to you or too competitive? Not anymore. Our keyword difficulty tool surfaces the most relevant queries and allows you to sort and filter to zero-in on the best keyword suggestions for your site.

filter keywords with alexa's keyword difficulty tool

Get a clear view of the competition

Xổ số onlineOnce you have a keyword you’d like to target, scope out the competition for that term. What are the top 10 sites driving traffic for that keyword? What share of voice do they capture? How strong are they? What’s their rank? Could you capture that share of voice?

see site driving traffic for keyword with alexa's keyword difficulty tool

Keep a list of great ideas for later

Xổ số onlineDon’t have time to do keyword research every time you create SEO content? Not only does our keyword difficulty tool help you save time by searching efficiently, we also make it easy to save tons of ideas to come back to later for fast retrieval when you are ready to create more content.

save your favorite keywords with alexa's keyword difficulty tool

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