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Improve SEO performance with Alexa’s Site Audit tool

Xổ số onlineFind and fix technical issues that keep you from ranking. Our site audit tool scans your entire site to uncover ways to increase search visibility.

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Site Audit Features

Get a clear status on your SEO health

Xổ số onlineMany technical SEO problems can go unnoticed. As a result, your hard work creating new site content can get derailed. Our site audit tool keeps you covered with regular reports, scheduled every two weeks for Advanced customers. We’ll crawl for issues such as:

  • On-page SEO, including title tag issues and low word count.
  • Crawl errors, including broken links and resources blocked by robots.txt.
  • Speed analysis, including the median page download time.
  • Security issues, including insecure meta tags and forms.

discover site problems with alexa's seo audit tool

Tackle the obstacles in your way of getting results

Xổ số onlineGetting found in search requires following many SEO best practices to keep your site accessible to search engines. Keeping tabs on all of them is easy with our site audit. Missed a few check boxes? No sweat. We’ll find them, alert you, and give you a clear action plan for fixing them.

get an action plan with alexa's seo audit tool

Get step-by-step instructions

No need to stress over a long list of action items. Our SEO audit tool goes beyond raising a red flag. We give you step-by-step instructions on the best way to tackle your challenges. Knowing what to do, and how to do it, is easy.

get customized recommendations with seo audit tool

Focus on important issues first

You can’t always do everything all-at-once. Choose the action items you’d like to tackle first and download a report for those. With the Site Audit tool download feature, it’s easy to prioritize where you want to start. Xổ số online Download any or all tasks from the online SEO report generator to send clear directions to your developer.

prioritize seo tasks with seo audit tool

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